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Natural and Organic Trends Drive European Food Colourings Growth
2014-10-11 16:21:32
Europe is the fastest growing market for food colouring driven by demand in natural and organic products, according to a new report from Grand View Research.
Globally, synthetic colours still outsell natural colours due to less concern over artificial dyes in emerging markets. However, Europe is the largest regional market for colours overall, and the fastest growing, with a strong preference for naturally derived colours. The market research organization claims the European colours market was worth more than USD590m last year.
“Rising consumer awareness for natural ingredients is expected to drive natural colorant demand over the next six year,” it said, estimating that the global market could be worth USD2.46bn by 2020. “Increased consumer preference towards functional foods and beverages, particularly with natural or organic colorants is a key factor responsible for the regional market growth. ” 
Bright colours for “extreme flavours”
As for applications, dairy products provide the biggest market for food colorants, while soft drinks are  also a major market “to make the product visually more attractive to the younger population”.
“In carbonated soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages bright, vivid and unusual colours are entering these segments for the younger generation looking for fun. Excitement, and “extreme” flavour,” the report said. “Strong and unusual colours in alcoholic beverages are most appealing to the consumers. ”
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