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High Purity Genipin from SYBiochemical with Unique Tech.
2014-04-26 15:21:16

SYBiochemical can provide high quality genipin (CAS 6902-77-8) and geniposide (CAS 24512-63-8). We established great partnership with many companies around the world, and sold many genipin and geniposide products to them in year 2013.

More and more people realize that genipin is an excellent natural crosslinker which its cytotoxicity is one over ten thousand of glutaraldchyde by MTT method testing. So we believe the market demand of genipin is on the rise gradually. As we know, the retail price of 98% genipin is USD25/10mg or so in American market.

In addition, our factory is located in the hometown of gardenia and mainly manufactures gardenia extracts (genipin, geniposide, gardenia yellow, etc.) with certifications of ISO9001:2008 , ISO22000:2005, ISO14001:2004. Our annual production capacity is 1ton of genipin, 10 tons of geniposide, 100 tons of gardenia yellow, etc.

In 2014, we develop different purities of gardenia extracts. Especially, we have improved our production process of high purity genipin with unique enzyme and provided 1 kilo of premium 98% genipin & 1 kilo of 98% geniposide to China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Both are passed in lab testing.


More details, feel free to contact Ms.Snow Xu  Email:sales3@gxqianrong.com  Tel:86-0772-6828887  86-18977233509

Our factory website: www.gxqianrong.com


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