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Who we are

Founded in 2005, SYBiochemical is a professional manufacturer of gardenia extracts with proprietary intellectual property rights. 

Located in the hometown of gardenia_Luzhai, technical support, sufficient inventory, 22644? factory, 10 years experience, ISO certificated. Our featured products have been exported to Japan, France, Brazil,USA and so on.

Our Products

1. Natural pigment: gardenia yellow, gardenia blue, gardenia green, and deployment of the natural pigment

    of any color according to customer needs

2 .Pharmaceutical raw materials: geniposide, genipin
3 .Gardenia oil
4."Growth promoter",and so on ,water gardenia deep processing byproducts.

Our Capacity

Our company has the annual production capacity of 

100 tons of gardenia natural pigment, 

10 tons of pharmaceutical raw materials geniposide, 

1 ton of genipin and 

20 tons of gardenia oil.

Gardenia yellow pigment, our major product, is the only pure natural pigment that don't contain any organic solvent residues in the world today, 

have been exported to Japan, France, Brazil and USA.

Some Milestone

2005 Foundation. Starting to produce and sale natural pigments.

2006, authorized to undertake projects of the Spark Plan “Comprehensive Utilization and Industrial Technology Development of Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis.”

2009, awarded Technology Innovation Fund by Technology-based SMEs for “New Technology: Membrane Separation and Purification to Extract High Purity Gardenia Yellow Pigment ”.

2011, passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO4001: 2004 environmental management system certification.

2012, starting to produce and sale genipin and geniposide.

2012, awarded Technology Innovation Fund by Technology-based SMEs for “New Technology :Dynamic Extraction of High Purity Geniposide from Gardenia Yellow Liquid Waste”.

2012, received the patent of “Membrane Separation and Purification to Extract High Purity Gardenia Yellow Pigment”.

2013, passed ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

To date, company has won various awards.

Our Strength

1.Our gardenia yellow is extracted from purified water, without any organic solven

2.Our leader is Zhu Qianrong, a guest professor, a food expert and a senior engineer.

3.We have been cooperating closely with colleges and universities, for instance, the South China University of Technology, and have set up 

an institute for the comprehensive utilization of natural plant.The institute consists of undergraduates, postgraduates, senior engineers

and professors who have been long engaged in biological engineering technology research and development.

4.The institute boasts first-class domestic equipment and product testing instruments of international leading technology, and its research is widely used for industrialization. 

More detail,feel free to call 86-0772-6828887  or  Email: sales3@gxqianrong.com   Attn: Ms.Snow    

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    Genipin,geniposide,gardenia extract,gardenia yellow,gardenia blue,gardenia green,gardenoside,crocin yellow
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    ISO9001:2008 ,ISO22000:2005,ISO14001:2004,
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    USA,Asia,France, Brazil
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    #2 Industrial Park of LuzhaiCounty,Liuzhou,Guangxi,China.
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