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  • Chinese Remedy 'Treats Diabetes'

    A gardenia fruit extract used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat adult onset diabetes is effective, scientists have found. [View Details]
  • Use of genipin to crosslink lyophilized matrices made from collagen nanofibrils

    The limitations of glutaraldehyde in biotechnical applications prompted research into the development of a more natural, less toxic chemical crosslinking agent. The subject of the current research is the potential use of genipin, a natural, biodegradable molecule with low toxicity. [View Details]
  • High Purity Genipin from SYBiochemical with Unique Tech.

    SYBiochemical can provide high quality genipin (CAS 6902-77-8) and geniposide (CAS 24512-63-8). We established great partnership with many companies around the world, and sold many genipin and geniposide products to them in year 2013. [View Details]
  • Gardenia yellow extracted from pure water, SYBiochemical make it best

    We only use the solvent of pure water to extract, and then refined and concentrated by membrane separation technology, so our gardenia yellow pigment doesnít contain any organic solvent residues. Itís friendly to the environment to recycle pure water during the whole production process. We have got China patent ZL 2009 1 0307800.7 for this unique production process. [View Details]
  • Produce High Purity Genipin with Unique Enzyme

    Genipin is a natural crosslinker which is extracted from gardenia fruit, and it can used to treat liver disease, lower blood pressure, laxative, relieves the symptoms of type II diabetes, it also a kind of Natural biological cross linker, and can be crosslink with protein, collagen, gelatin, chitosan, and so on to produce biological materials, such as artificial bones , artificial blood vessels , medical adhesive , wound dressing materials and biological valves , etc. In 2014, SYbiochemical improve the production process of high purity genipin with unique enzyme. [View Details]


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