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Genipin & Cancer

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Genipin & Cancer

Product Abstract:

Genipin is extracted from gardenia fruit.The white crystal can be used as material in researching of treating cancer.

Product Description


Genipin is an aglycone derived from geniposide, which is found in the fruit of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis.  Djerassi and his colleagues discovered the structure of Genipin in the 1960’s using NMR spectroscopic data and chemical degradation experiments.  It possesses the molecular formula C11H14Oand contains a dihydropyran ring.1  Genipin itself is colorless but it reacts spontaneously with amino acids to form blue pigments.2  The blue pigments are edible and are currently being used as a blue food colorant in East Asia.3  The structure of Genipin is shown in Figure 1 along with other characteristics. 

Molecular Formula: C11H14O51

Molecular Weight: 226.227 4

Melting Point: 120-121 °C 2

Systematic Name: Cyclopenta(c) pyran-4-carboxylic acid, 1,4a-alpha,5,7a-alpha-tetrahydro-1-hydroxy-7-(hydroxymethyl)-, methyl ester4

Registry Number: 6902-77-8

Application:   Genipin & Cancer

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