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You should know this things about Genipin
2014-09-27 14:07:39

Genipin is a chemical compound extracted from the fruit of gardenia jasminoides ellis.
CAS number:6902-77-8
Molecular formula: C11H14O5
Molecular weight: 226
Genipin’s applications in medicine and pharmacy aroused great attention in the medical field around the world, now most countries are heavily interested in the research of genipin. Currently, the main research is :
1.Genipin used in the treatment of type ? diabetes
2.Genipin applied to tumor naked eye visible tracer.
3.Genipin used in tissue engineering scaffolds (such as artificial bone and bone defects)
4.Genipin used in artificial blood vessels
5.Genipin applied to biological valves
6.Genipin is an excellent regulator for drug delivery
7.Genipin is a good cross-linking agents used in biological dressings
8.Genipin is a intermediate used in alkaloid biosynthesis
9.Genipin is an crosslinker applied to immobilized enzymes
10.Genipin is a fingerprint detection agent
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