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The First Production Process of Gardenia Yellow in the World
2014-09-23 10:05:19
As we all know, gardenia jasminoides is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, and gardenia yellow is a natural colorant extracted from the fruit of gardenia jasminoides, which widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, printing and dyeing, fodder, toys and other industries.
Luzhai county is the heart of gardenia yellow colorant production, and also Asia’s largest gardenia planting base, known as “ The Chinese Gardenia Township”. Because of the environment and climate, the gardenia fruit in Luzhai is great in quality and color value. Guangxi Shan Yun Biochemical Science&Technology Co., Ltd was established in 26th,  Sept, 2005, we take the deep processing of gardenia jasminoides ellis as our main direction, develop industry chains, and manufacture a series of natural products, which solve the problem of the industrialization of gardenia jasminoides ellis well.
More importantly, the production process of gardenia yellow in SYBiochemical is the first in the world. Our gardenia yellow colorant is extracted from purified water, adopt membrane separation and purification techniques, and we do not use any organic solvent in the production process. Therefore, our product don’t contain any organic solvent, and have no influence to the down-stream product.
SYBiochemical is a professional manufacturer of gardenia yellow colorant with proprietary intellectual property rights. Located in the hometown of gardenia, technical support, sufficient inventory, 22644? factory, 10 years experience, ISO certificated, this is why you can choose us as your business partner. 
More details about gardenia yellow and our company, you can download our file for your reference.

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