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Gardenia Blue Powder

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Gardenia Blue Powder

Product Abstract:

Gardenia blue is dark blue powder. Color Value E45-50. It’s obtained by treating the extract of gardenia fruit and the protein with food enzymes.

Product Description

Gardenia blue powder Gardenia extract natural food color,as coloring(colorant),food additive,food ingredient.

[Source]: It is made by performing biological processing and physical processing on the fruit, serving as the raw material, of gardenia belonging to rubiaceae.
[Product Specification]: solid 492nmE>8-100


1. Light grey to dark blue powder or liquid.
2. Easily soluble in water, dilute ethanol and propylene glycol and not soluble in grease.
3. The PH value nearly has no influence in the color tone, which is quite stable when the PH value is 2 to 10.
4. Good salt resistance, reduction resistance and microorganism resistance.
5. It is quite stable at the temperature of less than 120℃, and the solid power has stronger heat resistance.
6. It is quite stable to protein and starch dyeing power.
7. Good stability under indoor lucifugal condition.
8. It has good tolerance to metal ions and is a rare high-stability natural blue pigment.

 [Application]: It can be used for coloring flour products, cakes, candies, beverage, wine, dairy products, etc., dyeing silk and cotton fabric, coloring cosmetics and drugs, and drug raw materials and feed raw materials.
[Usage]: dissolve by warm water, and dilute it to the required concentration with a certain amount of water for use.
[Dosage]: reference dosage 0.05%——0.10%
1. The powder product can be package by aluminum bag and externally packed by carton, the net weight is 1 kilogram, 5 kilograms and 25 kilograms;
2. It can also be packed according to the requirements of users.
[Storage]: Stored in dry, sealed and cool place away from sunshine. Please seal it for storage if it is not used up after being opened.




Powder Index

Color Value E


Loss on Drying






Heavy Metal


Microbiological Indicator

Meet the food additive standard of China


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